A downloadable bullet hell


Can you survive the gauntlet?

Play as a nameless invader lost in a strange place. Discover the truth behind what and where you are in this punishing bullet hell.


FireWall.zip 159 MB

Install instructions

1.Download the file to somewhere you can easily access.

2.Extract the file to wherever you want to store it.

3.Open the newly extracted folder and launch the application "FireWall".

Made with help from https://darrenkwan.itch.io/.


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Good fun. Love the aesthetic. Appreciate the responsive controls.

Wish the slow-time button were elsewhere, as I find it hard to wasd and e at the same time. But I also admit I'm not a skilled shooter player. Others may be just fine with things as they are.

Made it to the third boss. Thought I had that one in the bag ... then the boss changed their pattern ... and I just couldn't figure out an effective counter-pattern. Durk!

tl;dr: Tough but fun. Respect to SimonCurtis and darrenkwan!