A downloadable RageInducer for Windows

This game is my love letter to the game called "Downwell" that was developed by Moppin and published by Devolver Digital. 

Nothing is impossible! Hop out of this dank dark pit and back into the loving hands of your owner. Try not to break John... or your keyboard. 

Speaking to the devil toggles hard mode. This is the way the game is intended to play. Good luck John.

  • Challenge platformer
  • Multiple difficulty settings
  • Randomized jump heights?!


Don'tBreakJohn.zip 29 MB

Install instructions

1)Extract the file to your desktop

2)Open the folder, "Don'tBreakJohn"

3)Launch the application, "Don'tBreakJohn"

That's it!


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Controls feel really good and tight. You "shriveling worm difficulty" is all i can survive on. I am indeed a feeble one. Overall i love the art style and contrast since its black and white. Random jump height is a great mechanic. Feedback on movement is really fluid and glide felt smooth. Animations were on point.  

I did not break John. John is my friend. My flying rabbit friend. I'm hoping he will teach me the trick of flight someday.

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Pepehands is the word for this, super challenging but super cool and fun, the ability to jump different heights is helpful, and so is the hover for getting up initially

The game is really interesting to play even though i have never see the end of the game for even once. However, during that process, I actually feel joy whenever i reaches the state where those red blonks come how. I died a lot and feel frustrated, but I do still love the game!

Sometimes the random level generator generates a map that totally block all my way going up.